high priority

not trading these! if you need one to master, feel free to dm on discord or the forum to ask.

empathy era

i'm working to collect each era within empathy (boss, baby don't stop, go & touch)!
below i've listed each deck i need to recollect and how many (if any) doubles of cards in that deck i'm currently in need of.

nct-blackonblackchenle: 1
nct-blackonblackhaechan: 1
nct-blackonblackmark: 1
nct-blackonblacktaeyong: 2
nct-blackonblackten: 1
nct-blackonblackwinwin: 1


i may trade these out if you need one or two to master, especially if i have 3 or more of the card, but please dm on discord or the forum!





medium priority

i may trade these for higher priority cards, please dm on discord or the forum to ask about them!

low priority

i will trade these for other cards in keeping categories, but not for recollecting (aside from needed nct-blackonblack era cards).
please leave at least one card per deck if you're requesting these.

laboum hoard

between us


only u

shooting love

turn it on

winter story

for trade inquiries, feel free to dm on twitter
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